Nine Stats for Why You Should Have a Blog

Michael Beauchemin —  March 31, 2014

I’m always asked the question of Why You Should Have a Blog?  Read through this and take a look at these stats.  After reviewing them you’ll find a compelling reason to invest time and resources into launching a blog and creating great content.

Opening day is here.  I am looking forward to another exciting season that will result in another World Series for the Red Sox…sorry Yankees fan. All is not lost, to assist you for another season of sorrow, I put together 9 stats in this Infographic for why you should have a blog.  Start a blog and create great content.  It will propel you to victory for your business throughout this season and into the future.

Companies that setup a blog and create content consistently, overwhelmingly see increased traffic, far more pages indexed by searche engines and build trust with existing and prospective clients.  By, adding great content, your prospective get to know you and are more willing to purchase from someone they know and trust. These HubSpot stats back that up.  If you haven’t started a blog yet or are and consistently adding new fresh content to your site, the stats should convince you that its time to get in the game.

Infographic: Why You Should Have a Blog

Infographic Why You Should Have a blog



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