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In the Four Step Marketing system, the first step is defining your Unique selling Points.  In fact your USP becomes the center piece for all your marketing.  It is used in all your messaging to your prospective client.  However, if your Unique Selling Point doesn’t resonate with your prospective buyers then it will not help much.

This past Friday, while out to eat with my wife, I found a great example of a company articulating their USP in an effective manner.  Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza has two locations in the Charlotte area.  One is in Charlotte, NC and the other in Concord, NC.  As the name implies they offer pizza baked in a coal oven.

When I first saw this, what came to mind was my time in peace Corps. A primary source of heating in Southern Africa is coal.  When I was there, the coal used was not clean  burning coal like used today in our coal fired plants.  It was inexpensive coal burned in small stoves.  The air in the morning hung heavy with Continue Reading…