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Link building, is just one step that goes into helping a site rank.  David Harry posted a good overview of search engines and what goes into ranking a web site on Search Engine marketing that can be found here. iStock_Links

While David provides a good overview, In this post, we will only cover the importance of link building.  Link building can either make or kill your SEO plan. Since the introduction of Google’s Panda, sites that had previously or currently participate in poor, low quality, spammy link building tactics are negatively impacted.  The question and greatest challenge businesses face is how to grow links to improve your rankings and not incur the wrath of the almighty Google or other search engines.  To understand why links are important, you have to first understand what signals the search engines are looking for when determining how to rank a site.

Link building became central to  an SEO campaign when Google first introduced Page Rank (PR) to its algorithm. Page Rank was a way for companies to gauge its success at building links.  At the most basic level, Page Rank was built on the idea that each page that linked to another site was a vote for that site.  The more votes a site had, the greater the popularity of that site, or so they thought.

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