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When we think of the father of electricity we all think of Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors in the history of the United States.  Thomas Edison Business success holds over 1,000 patents and developed the first system for distributing electricity to a large area.  He was the first to power street lights in NY city.  At the time he was using direct current (DC) electricity to accomplish this feat and believed strongly this was the only way and right way to deliver electricity.

But he slipped up and let a great inventor/apprentice and his idea get away.  Nikola Tesla, was a young, up and coming inventor working for Thomas Edison as an apprentice. He was employed by Thomas Edison to work on Edison’s DC platform.  A major hurdle with DC electricity was its inefficiencies.  To deliver electricity via direct current more than a mile required building power plants approximately every mile.

Nikola Tesla, recognizing its shortcoming, developed a generator that generated alternating current (AC) electricity city, a much more  efficient way for distributing electricity over longer distances.  However Thomas Edison, would have none of it,  He believed AC to be too Continue Reading…