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Are you maximizing your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign by using ad extensions?  Do you know what an ad extension is?  I have met with many business owners in Charlotte who have setup their own PPC ad campaigns using Google AdWords.

Yes, there are many tutorials and it is not exceedingly hard to post an ad with keywords. However there are many nuances to setting up a good ad campaign that will maximize your Google Advertising Program  ROI.  In this post I will highlight the use of ad extensions and in the next post I will reveal how your Quality Score matters in Google and how you could be overpaying for those clicks.  For this post, onto the topic at hand…using ad extensions.

What are Google Ad Extensions?

Google provides businesses that setup a PPC campaign the opportunity to use ad extensions.  ad Extensions are simply a way for you to get more information about your business into a PPC add.  This offers a great benefit for setting up ad extensions since you are not paying any more for an ad extension.  You do pay for the click as you would for a normal PPC, but what’s great about them is they offer your prospective customers more information and more reason to click on your ad.

As with all PPC you are paying for the click and the PPC  cost will be dependent on the competitiveness of the keywords, how well the ad campaign is setup, and yes the position of the ad.

What Types of Ad Extensions Are Available?

1. Location Extension

This is a perfect opportunity for a brick and mortar stores.  It merges your business address and phone number seamlessly with your text. For example if you are an auto repair shop and someone is searching for auto repair in Charlotte, the customer searching for your ad will see your full address and phone number and directions right to your location.

2. Call Extensions

Also know as click to call  on mobile devices,  These are exactly as described.  When you add a call extension, Their is a clickable link in the ad (the little green phone receiver).  The convenience of having this clickable link on a mobile device is a great use for restaurants or any other businesses whose customers may be searching for them on a mobile device.    How many of us can remember seven numbers when switching over to our phone keypad to try and dial.  Most will just abandon and look for another business that is easier to reach. The call extensions will not Continue Reading…

About Panda, Penguin and Small Businesses in Charlotte, NC

In 2011 Google introduced a major change to its search engine, called Panda.  A year later Google introduced another change to its search engine Google algorithm called Penguin.  The two changes drastically altered the search engine rankings of many businesses here in the Charlotte, NC region.  In this blog article we highlight these changes and what as a small business owner in Charlotte you can do to improve your SEO and search rankings.

In the beginning there was the Internet.  And the Internet was hungry for content.  But not just any content.  Specifically, the Internet was hungry for words.  The more words you had the better your site.  Once the quality of the words didn’t matter.  That’s when some Internet marketers figured how to game the system.

They would hire article cheap and inexperience writers, many not fluent in English to write meaningless content for a website, trying to stuff the articles with keywords and back links that may not have had anything to do with the article.  The Internet marketers received exactly what they paid for… hard to read articles with little to no value.

Internet marketers didn’t care, because Google didn’t care.  A few years ago Google just wanted to see words and wanted to be able to identify the keywords that were relevant too your website.  They did not place a heavy emphasis on identifying relevant value or quality in their search engine algorithm.

Google started caring.  People would complain to Google that their sites with original content were being ranked lower than others that were stealing their original content.  That is when Google Continue Reading…