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In the Four Step Marketing system, the first step is defining your Unique selling Points.  In fact your USP becomes the center piece for all your marketing.  It is used in all your messaging to your prospective client.  However, if your Unique Selling Point doesn’t resonate with your prospective buyers then it will not help much.

This past Friday, while out to eat with my wife, I found a great example of a company articulating their USP in an effective manner.  Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza has two locations in the Charlotte area.  One is in Charlotte, NC and the other in Concord, NC.  As the name implies they offer pizza baked in a coal oven.

When I first saw this, what came to mind was my time in peace Corps. A primary source of heating in Southern Africa is coal.  When I was there, the coal used was not clean  burning coal like used today in our coal fired plants.  It was inexpensive coal burned in small stoves.  The air in the morning hung heavy with Continue Reading…

As a marketing consultant and owner of my own marketing company here in Charlotte, I am always interested in how business engage and treat their customers and what they do for follow-up marketing.  So this last week-end was an opportunity to do some market research at one of our many malls here in Charlotte.

My wife and I are not shoppers.  In fact if retail stores relied on folks like us you there would be very few malls or shopping plazas.   Since the weather was poor this past weekend and she had leftover money on a gift card from Christmas (proving my point that neither of us are big shoppers – someone that has money on a gift card 5 months after he or she received it) we went to the mall.

While at the mall we grabbed a cup of coffee at Starbucks, stopped at two retail clothing stores and had lunch.  Here are a few observations about our experience at the two retail stores we visited.

Sears verses Macy’s  Sears Vs Macys

Which store do you think had better customer service?  The answer may surprise you.  When I think of Macy’s, I think of an upscale store focused on customer service.  I know when I go to Macy’s I will find all the name brand designer clothing lines.

With Sears, I think of value.  In regards to customers service, I would expect much more from Continue Reading…

Over the past couple of nights while driving home here in Charlotte, I noticed a plane circling over-head.   The plane was pulling a banner ad promoting a marketing-businessman-paper-plane website for a business here in Charlotte that sells wine, beer and spirits.  I’m not sure what prompted the owner to think that this was a good ROI for his or her marketing dollars.  Sure they were getting a low cost per impression compared to other forms of marketing but is it really going to make people walk through the doors and buy?  I don’t believe the advertising is effective for four reasons

1. Inability to Measure Marketing Effectiveness

How do you determine the effectiveness of your marketing dollars if you cannot measure how many visitors it attracts or more importantly if it results in sales.  If the customer spent $1,000 for one hour of advertising, do they know how many leads and sales were generated.  Do they ask every customer why they came in and note what the customer purchased so they can calculate Continue Reading…