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Several business owners in the Charlotte, NC area looking for help with marketing have asked about a Buyer Persona. What is it and how is it used to grow my sales?

The buyer persona is not just about developing a demographic profile but really understanding who their customer is, what struggles, challenges or obstacles  Businesspeople Playing Soccer on the Beach they face, what motivates them, what is important to them, etc.

Typical Questions to Craft the Buyer Persona

When a business starts thinking about creating a buyer persona, it’s important that they know their buyer inside and out. Here are the most common questions asked when creating a buyer persona.

Demographic Information

Demographic information includes information like how old is your customer, how many children they have, (if any,) what kind of house they live in, their marital status, the type of car they drive and everything we can notice from the outside. That’s the easy part. Demographics can be effortlessly collected from all over the Internet. Even before the Internet, demographics were key to developing a buyer persona.

A Day in the Life Of….

Now it’s time to use your imagination. What does the day in the life of your customer look like? What do they do at work and how long do they spend there? What is it they’d rather be doing? What are they planning to do after work? Do they have plans for the weekend? Where do they spend time? Where do they good to get information or research a product or service? Once you start to picture this person in your mind, you will start to get a better understanding of what’s important to them. Then, you can craft a message based on Continue Reading…