Email-Marketing-Text-Cropped Email marketing is an extremely effective and efficient method for increasing sale if implemented properly. I am not talking about sending out outbound spammy emails, but rather emails that provide value and build trust amongst your targeted audience. In this post we will list our top 5 compelling reasons for email marketing.

Many still hold the perception that email marketing is all about buying a list and sending out spam. That is not what an effective email marketing campaign is all about. An effective email marketing campaign is about Continue Reading…

Why Content Marketing

Why Content Marketing Works Infogrpahic

5 Statistics for Why Content Marketing Works

Today’s small business owner can jump in and use content marketing for business promotion leveling the playing field with much larger competitors. However, before launching your campaign your Content Marketing needs a strategy, goals and tools for measuring performance and ROI of your content marketing.

Content marketing is a process of publishing useful information online in the form of articles, blog posts, or social media updates with the goal of drawing in business.  Web content marketing, done correctly can replace print and traditional advertising methods at a fraction of the cost.

Web content marketing is like starting conversations on topics you hope will intrigue would-be customers and keep them engaged until they buy. As they come to know your interests, values, products and services, they will remember you as the go-to person for what it is you offer.

Web content marketing is a great tool for Continue Reading…

Are You Loosing Out on Sales Because You Are Not Implementing Inbound Marketing?

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9 Statistics for Implementing Inbound Marketing. Click Infographic to enlarge

Most companies are sitting on a goldmine and don’t even realize it. Every day you and your employees come into contact with prospects – they call, they email and they visit your store or website.

Yet, you could be letting them slip through your fingers. Are you collecting the contact information so you can setup an automated system that will follow-up with your leads? Are you using a systematic approach that will move them along the sales buying process? Is your marketing campaign value added, customer-centric or is it primarily sales-centric?

When it comes to strategies for growing sales, few can compete with an effective inbound marketing strategy. If you provide compelling, value added information, Continue Reading…

Most days we’re so caught up in our daily challenges of trying to determine the next best blog post to write about, what type of great content we can create, the latest in SEO best practices and how to best help our clients succeed. At times we suffer from information overload, feel overwhelmed with setting up, running and managing our businesses. We get into a feel-sorry-for-me attitude when things just don’t go quite our way. We are so caught up in our own head and make major issues out of relatively minor hurdles. We forget about what is most important – our loved ones; family, friends, coworkers and all those that are part of our community that are faced with life’s real challenges. Folks that are dealing with crippling, painful and possibly life-ending diseases or tragic losses of loved ones.

I have been fortunate that over the past year, my business has provided an opportunity to get to know a community of wonderful, giving people. During that time, I have seen many faced with challenges far greater than just the day to day challenges associated with setting up, creating and running a business.

Matt and Sarah, having to experience Sarah’s father suffering through a painful debilitating rare form of cancer, Tim and his wife losing their infant son to a rare disease, John whose brother is suffering from cancer and can barely stand and needs to be there for his brother while they search for a facility that can care for his needs or my old roommate and good friend John, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor last fall and battles each day.

We all have to endure and persevere through these times…watching a loved one get sick and suffer is one of the most difficult time one goes through. When that happens our hearts ache and we want to bear that burden for them. All we can do is be there, give a comforting hand, gentle touch, help them in any way possible and pray for their burdened to be lightened. It is in these times we realize that being overwhelmed by a project is just not that big of a challenge. Sure, we have to invest a little more time, but it’s insignificant and pales in comparison to seeing the burden of our loved one is enduring.

You see marketing is easy when compared to the real challenges that life will throw at us.

I have had my own personal challenges that brought all this into focus. Last year, as I launched my marketing business, my mother’s health took a turn for the worse. For 4 months I spent a Mom-Collage-framed lot of time driving between Charlotte and Massachusetts to spend time with her. I was fortunate to spend the whole week with her just a few days before she passed. As I left, Continue Reading…

Most Real Estate Agents need help with marketing whether they realize it or not. This hasn’t changed in the 30 plus years Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents I’ve been buying and selling property and although I haven’t bought or sold anything for a few years, it hasn’t changed.  I put together these 5 marketing tips to help real estate agents differentiate themselves from other real estate agents, grow their database and automate the whole process.

I recently took up cycling again after a 25 plus year hiatus…It’s been fun but a challenge. Since I do not have quite as much energy as I did 25 plus years ago and am not a total die-hard, driving cyclist my rides have been a little more leisurely- usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Along the way, I’ve taken advantages of open houses and have used them as an opportunity to Continue Reading…