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Why Mobile Marketing Is a Must for Businesses

Smartphone sales have exploded over the past 4 years outpacing traditional feature phones.  Your customers are searching and purchasing products and services on their smartphones everyday.  Do you have a Mobile Marketing strategy to capitalize on the Mobile Market?

According to Nielsen Mobile Shopping Report 87% of smartphone and tablet owners use mobile devices for shopping activities!

Among the most popular uses related to shopping activities for smartphone users are:


  • 76% for using a store locator to find stores
  • 66% for checking prices
  • 49% for using mobile coupons
  • 47% for reading reviews of recent or future purchases
  • 32% to make a purchase of a physical item
  • 21% to purchase a service

The bottom line – you’re loosing sales by not connecting with mobile users.

Here  are some additional statistics that show why this is not a fad, but a shift in how shoppers are changing their buying habits and connecting with businesses via smartphones:
Smartphones verses Cellphone sales - Statista

  • For the first time, sales of smartphones exceeded mobile feature phones in the 2’nd quarter of 2013.
  • Over 200 million units were sold in Q2, 2013
  • 80% of mobile phone users between the ages of 25 and 34 use a smartphone
  • Sales of smartphones are projected to be 776 Million in 2015
  • Among mobile shoppers

Why Have a Mobile App?

It’s all about bringing in new customers, staying connected with existing customer to increase customer loyalty and bring in repeat business and having a system and tools in place to push out your message.  A mobile app provides the system and tool to do just that.

1. It Improves customer loyalty by tying your loyalty rewards program with your mobile app. We provide our customers that a purchase a mobile app with a custom QR code with their logo that allows your check-in, receive bonuses replace the hideous and annoying loyalty rewards bonus cards.  Customers can quickly access their loyalty points and know how close they are to receiving loyalty rewards.

2. Let Your Customer Find You and Learn About You A Mobile app provides critical information to shoppers and customers on the go.  They want to be  able to quickly access driving directions to your location, if you’re a restaurant know what menu items, coupons or specials are available, have one click calling, be updated on all your events and more.

3. Links to Social Networking Your customers and potential new customers are looking for reviews on social networking sites and want to share information with you and other connections on their social network sites.  In 2013, according to Nielsen in its Nielsen Mobile Netview, July 2013 issue:  “Almost half (47%) of smartphone users visited social networks every day, and in the last year, the unique audience for social media apps increased 37%.”  In case you are wondering what the total number was…an astounding  120,396,000 and growing!

4. Live Updating Update your cosutomer’s instantly on special offers, sales, week-ends, happy hours, specials and more.  Push notifications break the barrier between you and your customers.   Use in conjunction with or instead of SMS messaging.

How We Help You

While a custom mobile app can run your tens of thousands of dollars we can design a great mobile app for under $1,800 and have you up and running with your own mobile app in weeks, rather than months.  In addition we uplaod your app to the Apple store and Google Play, where you customers can easily download and access. Mobile-apps-smartphones

  • We make mobilizing your business simple and pain free and bring new customers to your door while increasing loyalty of existing customers and gaining repeat business.
  • We handle everything from start to finish
  • Our designers make your mobile app stand-out.  It’s your brand, and if you want to be noticed, you need to have a great mobile app design
  • We’re fast and easy to use
  • Low Monthly cost of $65 for Apple’s iOS and Android apps plus a mobile website

Contact us at 888-560-2947 or email us at to order your mobile app.

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