Learn How to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Michael Beauchemin —  March 6, 2014

Want to Know How to Improve Search Engine Rankings?  Improve Your Visitors’ Experience on Your Site

When your search engine ranking suffers, so does your business. As a business owner, nothing is more upsetting than seeing your rankings drop for no apparent reason.  When your website falls in ranking you’ll want to find out what to do to improve your search engine ranking fast. Search-engine-picture-istock One of the first areas to check are your web sites statistics to determine your user’s experience.  Google and other search engines are using direct feedback from your visitors’ experience.  Google is great at capturing information and recording statistics.  This includes time spent on your site, number of pages visited, bounce rate (what percentage of visitors leave immediately after landing on your site) and social shares.

To search engines these are all signals that allow them to profile how your site is viewed by visitors.  A site that offers your visitors a poor experience will not rank as well as a competitor’s site that offers great content, a great experience and gives their  visitors a reason to return and share information.  So, would you like to do the butt-kicking or have your competitors kick yours?  Here are some tips to help you hand it to your competitors.

Conduct a Site Content Audit Review

Begin by reviewing the content of the site. Is it engaging? Does it draw people to it? How has it been serving you? Have people been reacting to your content? Have you been following your content to find out if people are sharing it on social media? If you’re not doing these things, you need to start. You need to know how your content is serving your website. If it’s not being shared or causing your viewers to stay on the page and click through to a sale, you need to change it right away.

When you change content, you’re trying to improve your visitor’s experience. This means that you are reaching well beyond your brand to dig deep into the interests of your customers. Talk about news relating to your brand, such as cutting edge material used in your industry or innovative creations. Discuss up and coming kids in your industry, or others who are highly successful using what you sell. Your readers will come back again and again to find out what’s new and they will view you as a reliable resource.

Feed the Beast

Google and other search engines love new content.  Produce new content on a consistent basis. The greater the content, the better your site will do.  Above all be consistent.  If people are going to rely on you for their information, you’ll have to deliver the goods on a regular basis. If you drop the ball, engagement will also drop and viewers will forget about your page. Once you have the attention of your customer base, you have to keep it or risk losing ranking for your website.

Decide how often you want to post, but if you have a hard time deciding, using the once-a-week posting is a good rule of thumb. You’ll have your audience waiting but they won’t wait so long that they completely lose interest in what you have to say.

Make it Easy for Visitors to Share Your Content with Share Buttons

Make sure you’ve included social share buttons on every page of content on your site. Customers aren’t lazy but they do like things to be made easy for them. If they enjoy your content and want their friends to also appreciate what you have to say, they’ll want to share it. If there is no share button, they’re not going to work for it. They’ll simply move on and keep the information to themselves.

Give them a way to share your content right away will draw more eyes toward what you have to say. Don’t overdo it though; just add the most popular buttons and the social channels you are engaged with.

Use Videos, Infographics, Images and Surveys to Make Your Content Come to Life and Increase Engagement

Delivering a great experience to your visitors so you keep them returning for more is your goal.  Produce interesting and unique ways to bring your content to life.  This can be using videos, infographic, great images or surveys.  All of this content can be posted on social media sites to increase your reach. Video can be especially useful.  Not only can video be entertaining, video can be used to educate and convey how your products or services will help your visitors solve a problem or enhance their life.

Wrapping It Up

Improving your visitors experience on your site, by creating new content on a consistent basis and presenting it an interesting and unique ways will enhance your visitors’ experience. Give them reasons to return and share your information and they will.  More importantly, time spent on your site will increase, number of pages visited will increase, your bounce rate will decrease and your search engine rankings will improve and most importantly, more of those returning visitors will result in additional sales.

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