Great Female Innovators That Transformed Our Lives

Michael Beauchemin —  April 1, 2014

I am always looking for and interested in great innovators.  In a previous post we highlighted Nikloa Tesla as being one of Americas greatest inventors and innovators, He is not well know but his inventions and vision impact our lives every time we flip a switch and turn on a light.

Historically, Great Female Innovators Had to Overcome Major Obstacles

Great innovators are willing to stretch and go beyond societal norms. They stretch the imagination and challenge long-standing beliefs and theories.  Their breakthroughs led and continue to lead to major advances in medicine, health, technology, business, communication and overall enhancement to our lifestyle.  Many of the greatest innovators who have had the biggest impact and challenged with the greatest hurdles to overcome are women.

Consider how society has viewed the role of women historically.  Not only did they challenge long held scientific theories and beliefs, but did so in male dominated fields.  Below are a few female innovators whose, dedication, research and inventions have resulted in major breakthroughs.

These are only a handful of the countless women, whose innovation. inventiveness and dedication to research have helped transform our lives.  I invite your to to add your favorite women innovators, scientists or business people that have had an impact on our lives or through their work today continue to transform our lives.

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