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In my career I have had an opportunity to work in both large companies (more than 100,000 employees) and small companies (less than 15 employees)  Working with executives of Fortune 500 companies to small business owners and everyone in between.  It has been a fantastic learning experience, understanding the different challenges executives at large multinational corporations deal with verses what a small business owner faces on a daily basis.  Business people responsible for managing small and midsize companies work on a very limited budget, typically trying to juggle multiple priorities while trying to grow sales.

In addition to working across the spectrum of business size I have also had the good fortune to learn the ins and outs of business by working in and and across all major departments of a company including engineering, manufacturing and operations, technical support, product management, sales, marketing and as a business consultant to small and midsize business owners.

Through my personal work experience, in my dialogue with business executives and owners and having looked at hundreds of business financials, I understand the challenges and struggles that plague businesses each day.

In my experience, the number one challenge is not product development, manufacturing and operations or customer service.  The number one challenge and the question every business asks each day  is: How do I increase my sales?  

It is with this in mind that I launched MFB Marketing Solutions.  I wanted to apply my business and marketing experience to assist businesses with the very best practices and systems for growing their sales.   It is why we put together a Four Step Marketing system to grow a business’ sales.  It takes a systematic approach to your marketing  and sales plan.  Too many companies throw money at sales and marketing hoping it results in sales.  Sadly, most often it is money being flushed down the drain.

I launched this blog so you can see how our Four Steps Marketing System is applied – what companies are doing things right, where companies are falling down and what they can do better and offering tips and suggestions for anyone interested in growing their sales.  As a Certified Inbound Marketer, I am only interested in marketing best practices that deliver measurable results.

If you find information on this blog interesting and want to learn more you can our web site MFB Marketing Solutions. or use the book an appointment to schedule an appointment with me.  I look forward to hearing from you and are confident that if you put some of these tips and suggestions to work for you, it will result in increased sales for you.

To learn more you may contact us or schedule an appointment by clicking on the Schedule an Appointment button.

To your success,

Michael Beauchemin

Marketing Consultant | Certified Inbound Marketer

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