When most people think about generating organic traffic, they’re thinking about link building. While link building is a crucial part of any long-term SEO effort, there are dozens of ways for you to be proactive and increase organic traffic right now. Below we’ll look at seven of the most potent and valuable strategies to do just that. 7-Ways-to-Increase-Organic-Traffic-No-Title

1. Create Quality In-Depth Content

It turns out that Google likes it when you’re thorough. According to the folks over at the Moz Blog, as much as 6% of all search results include content Google has tagged as in-depth article content. There are no current studies on the disproportionately large importance of this type of content, but a handful of websites have claimed traffic increases of around 10% for content that Google tags as in-depth. If you want to qualify your content as in-depth, there are several simple steps you can take. For example, put together a Google+ authorship account, maintain best practices for canonicalization, and head to schema.org for an article markup.

2. Optimize Video Content

Video snippets take up more screen space in a Google SERP than any other type of snippet, including Google Authorship images. Apart from the obvious benefit of being anchored near the top of search results, studies have demonstrated Continue Reading…

Do You Want to Know How to Increase Sales? Be Responsive to Inquiries!

Last week, I was stuck in Groundhog Day:  Poor customer service and lack of response from one company after another.  No Shouting into a telephone response to web contact inquiries (three out of three companies never responded to my inquiries for services), calls not returned and in one case a company sent me a customer satisfaction survey and wanted feedback on my experience for a product that was still on backorder.

In each case I was not only waiving my hands but also jumping up and down and shouting: “I’m ready to buy” just send me your price.

It amazes me the lack of responsiveness from businesses when they receive inquiries. To assist, here are some basic tips and reminders for Continue Reading…

An Unplanned Car Trip

Recently my wife and I had to make an unplanned car trip from our home in the Charlotte, NC area out to the western side of Wisconsin.  Along the way we relied heavily on our Google-Map-Wi-trip smart phone.  I summarize how or phones were used heavily during the trip.  This post is about mobile search, why its important and our diary of how we used our smart phones to plan our stops, eat healthy, find a good deal on a hotel and stay caffeinated during the trip.

Our original travel plan was to fly out to Wisconsin.  Unfortunately, my father-in-law was unexpectedly hospitalized with difficulty breathing.  We moved up our plans a week, packed our bags, loaded up our dogs (they love their road trips) and were off on our road trip.

Over the past few years we (including our dogs) have become road warriors.  We have made several, 16 plus hour road trips, up to Massachusetts to visit my family and trips out to Wisconsin to visit my in-laws.

Usually, we do not plan stops very well.  Like most traveling, we stop when hungry, the cars need gas or the dogs need a quick sniff and piddle.  The stops inevitably end up being at a fast food restaurant.

This trip we decided to use our phones to Continue Reading…

Are you are one of the millions of bloggers out there in search of guidance and information that rocks your blog? If not you should be seeking help to improve a blog. In 2004 there were 4 million blogs on the
Blogs-2004-vs-2013 Internet. That number has skyrocketed to approximately 152 million blogs in 2013. Why so many bloggers now? Quite simply blogging works!

For businesses the reason for establishing and maintaining a blog are overwhelming. According to Hubspot statistics:

  • Companies that blog fifteen times per month generate five times more traffic
  • Business to Business companies that blog just 1-2 times per month generate 70% more leads.

Additional Reasons for Blogging

  • It increases your company’s profile and provides more web visibility
  • Brings in new visitors to your site
  • Provides content for email marketing campaign, EBooks, Guides and other content
  • Improves your visitors experience to your site if you publish high quality content.

Blogging is not just about increasing traffic to your site but to Continue Reading…

Success with social media marketing for your business rests on the ability to reach not only individuals but also social networks through social media channels. SocialMedia

Despite the hype created by social media marketing, a lot of firms are hesitant to use this medium in selling their brands and products. For firms that engaged in social media marketing, some are experiencing difficulty in applying this medium while others are not achieving their expectations. As an evolving business model, social media marketing still has ample room for discovering and developing best practices.

Firms can achieve this through touch points. Various opportunities for connecting to customers exist throughout the decision-making process, from the recognition of a need to the evaluation of an actual purchase. These opportunities comprise touch points.

For social media marketing efforts to generate outcomes, the connections made through touch points should be enough to influence individual decision-making and sharing with their social networks. Quantity and quality of touch points are important.

What are the touch points in social media? Social media constitutes one giant touch point for businesses. Presence or involvement in social media creates connections to users, who are also customers. Social media can be Continue Reading…