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Inbound Marketing and How it Helps You Increase Sales

Struggling with attracting new visitors to your site?  When visitors do land on your site, are they exiting without converting?  Are you looking for a better more systematic way of not only increasing site visitors but having those visitors take action when they land on your site?  If they are not ready to buy, do you have a process for capturing their contact information and nurturing them as a lead so when they are ready to buy, they contact you?


An effective Inbound Marketing strategy puts in place a system to attract new visitors, converting the new visitors to leads, nurturing those leads so when they are ready to buy they contact you and then delighting your new customers so they become champions for your company.

The four phases of Inbound Marketing we help you setup and mange to grow sales.

1. Attract Prospects

The first step to gaining new customers is being noticed by strangers.  So how do you get noticed?  This is the area that most businesses struggle with.  Attracting strangers, gaining traffic to your site and engaging them.  Some, will use Pay Per Click advertising, banner advertising or some other form of paid advertising.  Wouldn’t it be much better if you had a system that potential new clients sought you out, rather than paying for visitors.

Every day your prospective clients are seeking solutions to problems your products or services solve.  Having that information available to them when they search for answers and solutions allow you to be found.

We help clients create great content so it can be found by your prospective clients.  This is accomplished by using focused content marketing campaigns, that include posting meaningful, value-added blog articles, engaging video, press releases, authoritative articles and infographics.

2. Convert

Having visitors find you is only the first step.  What do they do after they land on your site?
More than 95% of your visitors are not interested in buying immediately, so what do you have in place for those not ready to buy?  Do you have a great piece of content or offer you can provide to them in exchange for their  contact information?  This can be an Ebook, Guide, How to help, CD, Video lesson, etc.

We help clients create great offers and call-to-actions on high converting landing pages so you can increase your conversion rates and grow your database of contacts.

3. Close

It’s all about sales.  Once you capture your prospective clients information, what action do you take to follow-up with them and nurture those leads.  Our inbound system, leverages automated marketing follow-up so you can nurture those leads and build that trust and relationship.  It maybe a couple of days or several years before that visitor is ready to buy, but filling your pipeline with thousands or tens of thousands of names you can market to will ensure you have a constant stream of new clients.

We work with you to develop the right message and to deliver it using the right platform for your customers.  For some it is a series of automated emails or for others it maybe direct mail pieces or it could be a combination of several different methods.  We work with you to identify what message, information and method of receiving information your target clients are most receptive to.


The greatest sales force you have are your current clients.  If you do a great job and delight your clients they will become your champions.  Our team, works with you to develop mobile apps, loyalty rewards program, customer incentives and improving customer service to delight your customers and have them become your evangelists.

We Know Inbound Marketing

As a Certified Inbound Marketers and Certified on Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing platform we know and understand Inbound Marketing.

It is not required to use an all-in-one inbound Marketing platform such as Hubspot or Marketo.  We can help you implement an effective Inbound Marketing campaign using your current site and integrating AWeber, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft or other autoresponder email and social media manager tools.

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