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Leveraging Social Media Marketing During Olympics

The Superbowl is in books and we have moved on to the Olympics.  More than 500 hours of Olympic coverage will be aired on NBC’s family of channels (NBC, NBCSN, USA, MSNBC and CNBC).  With all that coverage comes significant chunks of advertising and opportunities for businesses to leverage Social Media by capitalizing on events as they happen  and on the back of advertisers miscues.

Learn from Superbowl Advertisers – Focused on Brand Awareness and Not Responsive Marketing

I am not a fan of Superbowl advertisers.  The majority of companies are focused on boosting brand awareness and not responsive marketing.  Most do not have a clear cut call to action, are not focused on building their contact database that will allow them to build relationships with potential customers and most do not have any systems or tools in place to measure their Return on Investment.  How many phone numbers, special email address, landing page, listed etc. to directly measure response and track a lead or a sale to that commercial?

Most importantly: How many of the commercials will influence your purchasing decisions?  Will you go out and buy a Volkswagon, Budweiser, Pepsi, Coca Cola, etc. based on a commercial you saw?  A week later do you even recall more than a handful of the commercials you saw?  If you do, can you associate the product with the commercial?   For those of you who are Pepsi drinkers will you convert to Coca Cola because a commercial aired with America the Beautiful sung in several different languages or for those of you who drink Coca Cola will you switch to Pepsi because you liked the halftime show?

Many Are Learning to Leverage Social Media and Facebook to Increase Awareness and Staying Power of Advertising

While most are still focused on promoting brand awareness they are learning that social media engagement can offer Continue Reading…

The inventor was hunched over his notebook writing furiously.  The light bulb above, emanating a dull yellow flickering light causing eerie shadows to dance across the floors and walls. The inventor’s normally coiffed, jet black hair stood straight on end as if exposed to static electricity.  With his instruments and tools scattered about and the lab bench Nikola_Tesla_Lightning crammed with his on-going experiments, an observer would conjure up an image of Dr. Frankenstein’s lab, minus the body parts.

The inventor knew he was on the verge of another major breakthrough and was not concerned with anyone or anything outside his current calculations.  He was aware that most in the media described him in polite terms as being on the fringe, while most disparaged him as nut-case.  He did not care, it was just white noise.  He was consumed with his scientific advances and technological breakthroughs.  He had already been proven right with his battle with Thomas Edison over Continue Reading…

Are you investing thousands in your Search Engine Marketing (SEO) marketing, but find your ROI on your SEO investment is less than expected?  Consider your website.

As an SEO marketing consultant in Charlotte and working with mid-size  business across the US we find that companies overlook one key component of their marketing and that is their web site.  They do not blink an eye at investing tens of thousands of dollars in SEO, but do not want to invest a few thousand dollars in updating and upgrading their site.

In this Podcast episode we cover the following:

  1. Reasons why you are not optimizing the ROI on your SEO campaign.
  2. Why it is important to setup analytics and measure your SEO stratgey.
  3. Considerations when hiring an SEO company.

Enjoy the podcast and we look forward to your feedback and thoughts regarding this episode


Search Engine Optimization, Every business knows they should have an SEO strategy, but many still do not understand the importance of SEO, or how SEO - Search Engine Optimization dramatically the SEO landscape has changed.  Gone are the days of spending a hundred dollars or less on SEO.  Matt Cutts, with Google, as well as Duane Forerster from Bing have been very clear about what will get you in trouble when implementing an SEO strategy.

When you engage in purchasing a large quantity of cheap links, posting low quality articles with a large number of back links, posting little or thin content on your web site, over optimizing your site, the chances are strong your site will be adversely affected.  Today, good on-site SEO is expected by the Search Engines – it is simply raising your hand and identifying yourself to the search engine and saying I’m here and my site complies with on-site SEO best practices.

In fact, Google and other search engines are placing a much greater Continue Reading…

In the Four Step Marketing system, the first step is defining your Unique selling Points.  In fact your USP becomes the center piece for all your marketing.  It is used in all your messaging to your prospective client.  However, if your Unique Selling Point doesn’t resonate with your prospective buyers then it will not help much.

This past Friday, while out to eat with my wife, I found a great example of a company articulating their USP in an effective manner.  Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza has two locations in the Charlotte area.  One is in Charlotte, NC and the other in Concord, NC.  As the name implies they offer pizza baked in a coal oven.

When I first saw this, what came to mind was my time in peace Corps. A primary source of heating in Southern Africa is coal.  When I was there, the coal used was not clean  burning coal like used today in our coal fired plants.  It was inexpensive coal burned in small stoves.  The air in the morning hung heavy with Continue Reading…